Harmony Place, a new creation by non-profit Parks and Plazas, Inc. in cooperation with the Brooks House and Bast Investment Co., LLC, is designed to invigorate and transform Brattleboro’s downtown into an even more thriving destination. Adjacent to the newly restored Brooks House, Harmony Place is envisioned as a pedestrian friendly gathering place for our local community and visitors alike. On any given day, it will become a shaded escape, a social hub for lunch or coffee, a gateway to downtown businesses, and a campus quad for college students.

On special days, Harmony Place will sprout markets of crafters, artists, artisans and agriculture. Music, drama, dance and circus performers will entertain from the built in stage.

You won’t be able to resist being drawn into Harmony Place. The intriguing tunnel that links the northern and southern ends of downtown will be your first clue that something creative is up at Harmony Place. The tunnel’s neon lighting will beckon you through to a unique sculpture, and beyond to the soothing sounds of the Harmony Place fountain. After that, it’s up to you! Sit under a tree, make a sociable grouping of bistro tables and chairs, or just keep going, to downtown’s eclectic array of shops, restaurants and cultural activities.